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The Points Based System was designed to be straightforward and transparent. However, in practice, many of our clients have found dealing with it to be time-consuming and a distraction from their day to day business.

Advice and Support

Through this service we provide advice to nominated representatives within your organisation on any immigration matter under Tiers 2 and 5 of the Points Based System. This includes any matter relating to an employee before or after entering the UK as well as any matter relating to the employer’s position as a sponsor.

This type of support is normally provided as a monthly retainer package which may also include a wide range of other services such as audits.

Contact with the employer will normally be by email. This is due to the risk of misunderstanding either the questions being asked or the advice being given, in particular where this advice is being passed to a third party (for example, a employee). We are also happy to discuss matters on the phone. Email enquires will normally receive a response on the same day and our aim will be to respond to all enquiries by no later than the end of the next working day (Monday – Friday).

Visa applications

Advice to employers on all aspects of visas, leave to enter and remain, including advice on activities permissible under the business visitor rules.

Advice and support to employees on making an application for a visa or further leave to remain.

Site visits

In addition to visits for audits and training, you may also require on-site visits for other purposes such as employee “surgeries” at pre-set times for employees to make enquiries or to assist them in preparing their applications; or to be present for a UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) visit.

We also provide a wide range of services both directly and via our partners to help improve efficiency and effectiveness in managing and operating immigration processes.


Advice on drafting and the content of policies, procedures, application forms, staff handbooks etc.

Information and updates

We will provide you with regular information on changes to UKVI’s policies and procedures as well as feedback on any frequently asked questions. We can also provide material for recruitment packs, good practice guides, policies, handbooks etc.

Contact us today to discuss what type of advice package we can offer to meet your requirements