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Forgery and Document Checking

Millions of stolen passports are being fraudulently used by terrorist, drug smugglers and human traffickers to travel the globe in the 'biggest threat facing the world', according to Interpol. At a lower level, fraudulent documents are also used to obtain employment by those in the UK who have no entitlement to work. Employing such a person can result in a civil penalty or prosecution. UKVI also now actively publicises cases of illegal working and the damage to your organisation's reputation could well prove much harsher than the financial penalty.

Our aim is to assist employers in understanding the documents presented to them. We offer passport and identity card advice from ex-immigration officers who have had decades of experience dealing with passports from many different nations at the busiest ports and airports in the world.

Although we focus our forgery advice mainly on passports, identity cards and travel documents, our work in the past has spread our expertise to other areas. We are therefore also in a position to offer an opinion on items such as fraudulently obtained certificates, driving licences and other official documentation or to provide information on where to go for such assistance.

Contact us today for a free consultation on how we can work with you to identify suspect documents or for help with verifying an individual document.


We also provide training for employers on the prevention and identification of fraudulent applications and documents.

Clients receive practical advice and guidance on how to spot a forged document to avoid putting themselves or the company at risk.

All of our trainers have had hands-on, practical experience of working in the UKVI. They have received specialist training from the UKVI on the identification of fraudulent documents and are equally accustomed to dealing with the real life situations that can arise. As such they are uniquely qualified to provide practical advice and tips on what to do if you think you have been presented with a counterfeit or falsified document.

Contact us today to discuss how we can help you through training on the identification of fraudulent documents.